The cross is the greatest example of humility and devotion in the universe. Jesus put your needs ahead of His own. He considered you more valuable than Himself. - Chip Ingram

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well, Easter has passed with it usual fanfare! I love Easter. In my book, it runs a CLOSE second to Christmas. But, I must admit, I don't like Easter to arrive so early. And, I must also admit, I am happy that I won't be around in 120 years (or whatever) to have it happen again. I am a little "holidayed -out." (Yes, I did just create my own word!) Easter day church seemed a little odd. Very few were dressed in their "easter-finery" with it being snowy outside. Paige and I wore black. That seems odd too, considering the church season! But, oh well.. I will post a few pictures, since everyone else does!

I hope to have a low key week this week. The kids want friends over everyday, and I am okay with that idea. Austin is painting his room and I am painting Trent's. I have been watching the progress my friend, Tina is making on her family room make-over and have been inspired. Let's just see if the room turns out the way it looks in my mind. There are definately times when that doesn't happen!

I am in the midde of preparing for the kids parties this spring. Paige has a few confirmation projects to finish this week, as well. AND, Paige and I are planning a dance to be held a week from Saturday. I am totally nervous about this. I had it well under control, until it was cancelled due to the "blizzard of '08." It has been rescheduled, but I feel it is lacking the interest it once had. I have to work on this, as well, this week.

Lastly, let me mention a few points of interest in regards to TV this week. Brittany Spears has made her first television appearance, acting on a sitcom. My opinions of Brittany have changed a bit. My heart aches for her now. I think she is ill and in an environment that seems to make it all much worse. I hope this is a new start for her! You go, girl!

Secondly, does anyone other than myself watch "The Bachelor?" Man, I subject myself to watching this trainwreck EVERY SINGLE SEASON! It's one of those things that you know you shouldn't do, yet you are back doing it each week. If you watch, may I make one statement. I WILL NEVER....EVER....SING, DANCE, WRITE POETRY OR WRITE MUSIC FOR SOMEONE I AM INTERESTED IN AND HAVE KNOWN FOR day? It's to the point where these women are embarassing themselves. Sometimes I have to change the channel because I cannot bear to watch them. They are corney and desperate. Wow. (phew...that felt good.)

Okay, I must go paint. Hopefully, tomorrow I will have something more important to speak of!

Peace out, homie!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Love Is......

Do you remember......

the "Love Is...." cartoons? Being a child in the '70s, the "Love is" cartoons could be found everywhere. They were on t-shirts, mugs, magnets, etc. AND it isn't surprising. After the free-love decade of the '60s, it was only fitting that we hit the '70s trying to define love. Fast forward to today. It is thirty years later and people are still searching for their definition of love.

It is Holy Week, and I have been thinking a great deal about the past year. (I know, most people do this at New Years!) And I have come to realize a few things. First off, I am hardly a perfect person. My family.....not perfect. I don't have all the answers. As a matter of fact, most days I am grappling for answers. I struggle with many things, as do most people. BUT what I DO know, is I do NOT have to look for the answer to that question "What is Love?" Is it because I have a great marraige? Nope. Although I do! Is it because I have three awesome kids? Nope. But I do, and I wouldn't trade them (most days)! Is it because I have an amazing group of friends? I do, but that's not it either!

How about if I share my secret?

This is what love is. It costs you nothing (the price has been paid). It doesn't matter what you look like, how much wisdom you have, how much money you earn or what kind of mistakes you have made. This love never goes away. It is unconditional and undying.

God Bless all my wonderful friends during this Holy Season and beyond. May your search for love end at the foot of the cross!


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

She Made Me Do It!

Well, apparently Tina is going to make me blog again! She has "tagged" me on her blog.

Here are the rules:

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Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
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Here are my 7 random/weird facts:

1. I have a facebook account and I have five friends on it. HA! Four of the five are Austin's friends from high school.

2. I like to take steamy hot showers, but I leave the shower door open a bit for cool air to come in. (It doesn't make sense to me either!)

3. I don't like to wear a coat or shoes. Both make me uncomfortable. I have been known to tiptoe to my car in the barefeet. I just carry the shoes, in the case there is an accident!

4. I rarely watch movies or television that are rated higher than PG13. Maybe I just got used to this because of the kids. Anyways, the language, violence, etc. seems to bug me more now! I tell my kids that it "bothers my spirit." That always brings laughter, followed by comments about how strange I am.

5. I want to live in a little house on the prairie. Really. Just like the show. I could TOTALLY live in the middle of nowhere. Plus, I like the thought of all the simplicity.

6. I miss my kids when they go to sleepovers, etc. Most parents love it, I seem to be a little "different."

7. Rarely, do I do anything and think I have done a "good enough" job. So....where do you think Paige's OCD comes from?

8. I cannot eat leftovers. Period. They gross me out. Okay....I will eat leftover stuffing, but that's it! I cannot even CLEAN UP left overs. That is up to Mike. They make my stomach flip-flop.

9. I can flip my eyelids inside out and I can wiggle my ears (without using my hands, of course).

10. I don't get out of my car until the garage door is shut behind me. I heard a story long ago about a woman being attacked in her driveway while in her car. stuck. Now, I only get out once locked in my garage. To all you "attackers" out there.......get me BEFORE I enter the garage.

Now....I tag Austin, Chris, Paige, Pam and Jen F.

On another note, the cord to my camera is broken! I cannot upload pictures. I ordered one from ebay, only to find out it is being sent from HONG KONG ! Holy Cow! may be a bit before I can update with pictures.

I haven't blogged much lately, because I AM OVERWHELMED! I am working on Lutheran West's Afterprom, a sweetheart dance at Paige's school, confirmation, 8th grade graduation, a senior graduation, volleyball.....and the list goes on and on and on. So.......sorry I have been gone, but priorities...ya know?

I am working hard at finding the right high school situation for Paige. Still considering Lutheran West, Avon and homeschooling. Who knows? Everyday I think there is a different "correct" answer.

Austin still hasn't made a final decision on college. I feel bad for him. It can be a lot of pressure, making a decision like this. Just hoping he can be happy...somewhere!

Trent is taking his stadardized testing this week in school. He is such a funny kid. He is LOVING these tests! He is stressing a little bit about not getting ALL the answers correct, but he loves taking tests! Plus, not having homework for a week is a bit appealing too!

I think we will have a low-key Easter this year. I don't have a lot of time to bake, etc., but that isn't the reason we celebrate anyways! I am looking forward to Easter, though! It is honestly one of my favorite times of year! PLUS, Trent can eat hotdogs again. The whinning will stop. Life will be good...again! HA!

Let me leave you with a beautiful little poem I copied off of the internet...somewhere.

Heaven's Very Special Child

A meeting was held quite far from earth
“It’s time again for another birth”
Said the angels to the Lord above
This child will need much love
His progress may be very slow
Accomplishments he may not show
And he’ll require extra care
From the folks he will meet down there

He may not run, or laugh or play
His thoughts may seem quite far away
In many ways he won’t adapt
And he’ll be known as handicapped
So let’s be careful where he’s sent
We want his life to be content
Please Lord, find the person who
Will do this special job for you
They may not realize straight away
The learning role they’re asked to play
But with this child sent from above
Comes stronger faith and richer love
And soon they’ll know the privilege given
Their precious child so meek and mild
Is Heaven's Very Special Child
I guess you pretty much know how I feel about austism and other disabilities found in our beautiful kids. I guess this is why I love the poem so much!
God Bless Your Day!