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Monday, July 28, 2008

Going Green...................

Well, it might not be what you think. We are going green in this house....with envy, that is. We have had so many parties at our house, between Austin and Paige, that Trent has been "going green." Back in May (WAY back in May, according to Trent) we had a small birthday celebration for Trent. Well, apparently that wasn't enough. AND when you are at the bottom of the heap watching everyone else can be too much for one jealous boy to handle.

Hhhmmmm......what to do? Well, we celebrate the birthday AGAIN. Cake and all. Trent and Paige both worked on the cake. It was delicious. It was a double-decker (chocolate and white cake), chocolate frosting in the middle and white cream cheese frosting on top. OH! And some "regular" white frosting for decorating....and decorator gel. Anything else?

The theme was baseball. We called over our Blackburn side for a last-minute, no-fuss cook-out and the green festivities began. He even received a few gifts and blew out candles....again. HA!

ANOTHER way our house is going green: Avon has FINALLY decided to get us recycling garbage cans. FINALLY! Trent and I are rather excited about this.

And lastly, I am green. I am wanting a new camera. Let me put the word out now...before Christmas (plenty of time to save), I am wanting a new camera. Did I tell you I want a new camera?

Have a good one!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

"ZZZZZZZZZ.... (Picture Heavy!!)

Can you hear that? ::crickets chirping:: Do you hear it? is me SNORING! Honestly, the last party is over and I am exhausted. So exhausted that I didn't fill my tank AT ALL this week. I didn't leave my house. At all. Okay, maybe a few trips here and there but no major trips. And it felt good. Really good. And now I am ready to join the living....again.

Austin's party went well. If you don't read Trish's blog, you may be interested in some of the pictures below. Can I tell you how nice it is to have friends that are photographers (although I am sure I have mentioned it before). I was so overwhelmed I didn't even think to take pictures of Austin's party. But Trish did...of course! Actually, I kind of enjoy watching her in action. She has her amazing camera around her neck, hanging by a very cool pink striped camera strap...snaping photos at every angle. Gotta love her passion.

Now for some highlights:
  • The rain stopped in time to have the party outdoors. All those days of worry were put to rest.

  • Austin was happy. He enjoyed his party and all of the people in attendance.

  • The Rodriguez Family was in town. I look forward to this EVERY summer.

  • I had an amazing fruit basket. I sounds weird, but it was a feast for the eyes. Seriously.

  • I got to see Katy Stifel after her first year of college.

  • Jason Stifel made me laugh. Period.

  • Evan Turay loves to play basketball and Griffin Turay sings the Applebees song like Kathrine Hepburn.

In all truth, I am so gosh-darn thankful. Trish was kind enough to make pulled-pork and it sent Austin's friends into orbit. For some reason HIGH SCHOOL BOYS LOVE PULLED PORK SANDWICHES. And, being the kind person she is, she loaned me tons of serving pieces, tables, etc. Thanks, girlfriend.

Next, JEN BUECK!!!! She is the maker of the fruit basket. Okay...and she didn't buy the fruit at a fruit stand...she went to Heinens! (ha....wink, wink) Jen is the kind of girl that will do ANYTHING for ANYONE. After she made the fruit basket, I called her to get her Mac N' Cheese recipe and she offered to make THAT! She is just a beautiful human being.

I can't leave out my sister-in-law, Jane. Actually, Jane is more like my friend. Jane spent a whole day with me making photo favors and paint cans for centerpieces. PLUS, she baked ....and baked cookies. Plus, she was constantly asking WHAT ELSE she could do for me. Gotta love her.

Last, but certainly not least, let me mention my friend TINA. Tina, creator of the bubble bottles. I asked her how she made the lables and she sent them to me. Finished. In five minutes. No lie.

So, those of you out there who are in awe of my creativity....don't be. Be in awe of my amazing group of friends. I am.

Now, feast your eyes on the fruits of their labor!
One yummy cookie tree!

Card box: Thanks for the idea, Trish!

M&M Favors: Again...thanks to Trish for the idea and Jane for the hard work!

Jane's yummy cookies. She is THE BEST at baking!

This is THE fruit basket. Now, if you could just deliver one each day.................

Tina's Bubble Bottles! Didn't they turn out cute???

Now, you go and have yourself a great day!