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Friday, February 27, 2009

A New Kind of Normal

Well, Hello....Again! I admit, it has been way too long since I have blogged. Sometimes, real life is enough. Recreating it on a blog would just be overwhelming. In the past few months, many changes have taken place around our house. Some of them are rather significant, so it has taken up much more of my time.

To begin with, Paige is now schooling at home. She is attending OHVA (Ohio Virtual Academy) and is really happy. Finally! Trust me, we have heard ALL the negative comments about virtual schooling. Why is it that people are slow to pat you on the back and quick to condemn? Hhhmmm.... Human nature, I am guessing. Anyways, I have been pretty impressed with this system. I didn't really know much about virtual schooling at first. But now that we are participating, you can see how this is such a good thing for many students. Not only are there students with disabilities, but there are amazing athletes, young mothers and yes, disciplinary problems as well. It takes all kinds to make up the world. But the flexability has been wonderful for Paige. She is able to take her acting and voice classes, work out at the Y and is considering adding in some guitar lessons.

Onto other things.......

We had a visit from one of our most favorite presidents. Let me introduce.........George Washington.

Ha! Today, Trent's class created a wax museum of historical characters. Each child was assigned a character. As you proceed around the "museum," you were to push the button next to each character. The character would then speak, reciting interesting facts about their lives. Did you KNOW that George Washington was THAT good looking?? And might I add, its NOT easy getting a 3rd grade boy to agree to the ponytail!

Another president stopped by: Abe Lincoln (aka. Trent's friend Alex) of my personal favorites (I bet you cannot tell by the wig): Albert Einstein

I CRACKED UP at this little guy. For some reason, his true personality seemed to fit the character he was assigned. He would stick his tongue out anytime someone tried to take his picture so I snapped a quick photo while he wasn't looking!

Not to be outdone, darling Charlie has taken on some new traits of his own. Charlie is now 15 1/2 years old. Mike and I keep making comments to the kids that he isn't going to be around long. I have stepped in more "little puddles" around the house than I would care to admit. The vet thinks he could be having some kidney failure. He basically has no hearing and the eyesight is starting to go. But, when he comes into the house with a spry step, I cannot think of putting him to sleep yet. Oddly enough, he has become more "clingy" with age. Now, every morning after Mike leaves for work, he has found a new place to relax:

And the guy next to him doesn't seem to mind!
Hopefully, I will see you tomorrow - friends!


Chris said...

Valerie!! Welcome back!! I too, have not blogged in such a long time!! Love the pics, especially of Trent!!! I am sooo happy for Paige & I am curious to hear more about this program!! Sounds perfect for her so far!


Jen said...

Holy Cow, Girlie! I go away for a weekend and look at everything that changes with you! Just kidding. Glad to hear Paige is enjoying the virtual school. Give Charlie a kiss for me, even though I'm sure he won't remember me...just tell him it's from his secret admirer! Love you lots!!! Jen