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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

He's Done.

Well, it has finally happened. I knew this day way coming. I have tried to avoid it. I have pretended as long as possible, trying to be "on guard" at every turn. Yet, in was inevitable. It happened.

Last week, Mike, Trent and I were having dinner. All of a sudden Trent blurts out of nowhere "I don't want to go see Santa anymore." I immediately kicked Mike in the leg. Then he said "I think I have outgrown that. Those are all little kids and it is boring." At this point my heel was digging into Mike's foot. "Okay, I understand that...." I said. It felt difficult speaking over the lump in my throat. The conversation grew into ideas on his list that "I" could buy him. It sunk in that Trent is no longer believing in Santa. We never mentioned whether he believed or not. I never like to break "the truth" during the holiday, so I think we will breech the subject again in a few months. But, I feel sad. My VERY LAST child is no longer a believer. For a few days, it changed things. But, once I was finished feeling sorry for myself, I was able to get back into the holiday spirit!

May I say...thanks to Bakerella ( for introducing me to cakeballs! More specifically, thank you for introducing me to cakeballs that look like turkeys! I'm pretty proud of my tastey little project. I think it turned out pretty cute!!! Hopefully they will last long enough to be a centerpiece on the table.

More news.....Paige is almost 1/4 through her first year at Lutheran West. She finished her volleyball season last month. Although the team wasn't that strong, I thought Paige played well. Now, she has started cheerleading. She is cheering for the Lutheran West Freshman team. Good Fun!!! Did I mention that one of the best parts of cheerleading is the clothes. Yep, you heard it here first. The girl (I supposed like every other high school girl) is a clothes horse.

Sorry for the long "break." Every once in a while I have to take breaks for myself and I guess that includes blogging. But, I am collected and back!

Have a good one (if you are still reading this blog)!


Ryzmomplus2 said...

Yeah! You're back... oh I hate when they are done with Santa... those Turkeys are adorable! What time should I pick mine up?? Love the pictures of Paige, she's too dang cute... but don't you have a 3rd child I failed to see pictured throughout this post???

Jen said...

Those turkeys are too much! Move over Martha Stewart!! :) Happy Thanksgiving, girlie girl!!